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Before the reader gets to know the open house sign-in sheet, it is important to know what an open house means. When a house is on sale, the owner opens the house for everyone. This is called an open house. People who are interested in buying the house give a visit to it.

During the open house event, the host gives a form to every guest to fill it with their details. This form is called an open house sign-in sheet. In this article, the reader will get to know in detail the need and purpose of this form and what to include in it.

What Is an Open House Sign in Sheet?

A sign-in sheet for an open house is a printed form that is placed at the house, open for the public. The host of the open house can customize the form according to his requirements. The seller, property owner, or real estate agent uses this form to get basic information about the people who come to see the house. The audience gives feedback about the house in the open house sign-in sheets.

It becomes easier for the seller to contact interested people by using this form. The attendees are mostly contacted through phone numbers or email addresses provided in the open house registration form. The host of the open house convinces the visitors to provide information in the form. It is his job to ensure them that their information will not be misused for any purpose.

The attendees are given a choice to fill the form. Those who are not interested in providing the information are not forced to fill it. The host observes the people who fill the form and later on narrow down the list of the visitors who seem to be interested in buying the house.

When Do You Need to Use an Open House Sign in Sheet? And Why?

The open house sign-in form is the need of every individual who is willing to sell a property. The importance of this form could only be understood by the house sellers, buyers, and real estate agents. Following are some of the reasons that clarify the need for this form.

  • The information gathered from the real estate open house sign-in sheet is saved with the estate agents. These agents could elevate the chances of selling the house by contacting different people from their records.
  • The contacts from this form can help in future marketing. You can tell the people about different properties to make a deal with them.
  • The information provided by the people in the realtor open house sign-in sheet could help the real estate agent to know about demographics willing to buy a particular house.
  • If you are selling a house, you can use this form to get the response of the people. This would help you to decide whether the price of the house is reasonable or not.
  • The buyers would observe the house closely. They may give you pointers in the comments section of this form if some maintenance is required or not.

What to Include in an Open House Sign in Sheet?

The open house sign-in sheet is designed depending upon users' requirements. It must not ask for the information that the attendee hesitates to provide. By doing this, the actual motive of this form would die. The items that are commonly included in this sheet are as follows:

  • Full Name: The name of the person attending the open house has to be written here so that the seller could contact him later.
  • Phone Number: Under this column, the phone number of the participant of the open house is mentioned. This is the most important part of the sign-in sheet for open houses. If this information is missed, then the seller of the house would not be able to reach the attendee.
  • Email Address: This column is the optional part of the open house sign-up sheet. It is up to the attendee to provide this information or not. It is a must to mention that the seller or the real estate agent will be using the email address for marketing purposes.
  • Questionnaire: There are few questions asked to the buyers about the house. These questionnaires help the seller or the real estate agent to get to know whether the attendees are interested in buying the house or not.


It won’t be wrong to say that the open house sign-in sheet provides benefits to sellers, buyers, and estate agents. The privacy of the participant of the open house should not be compromised. There are different free open house sign-in sheets templates available here for the convenience of the user.

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