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Track important information within events with the aid of the templates available across CocoDoc. Provide all the details within an organized structure for obtaining important information for an event.

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Sign in Sheet Template Templates

In our everyday life, it is not uncommon to have events that require you to keep track of visitors. Whether it is a workplace event or you have to arrange a birthday party for someone, in any way, you might be required to keep track of people. Sign in sheet template is a form that helps you keep details of incoming visitors in an organized way.

Types of Sign in Sheets

A sign-in template is used to acquire information about guests of an event. The information such as name, phone number, address is gathered from the visitors for contact purposes or making records. There are different forms that relate to a different category of events that may be held.

There are many different types of visitor sign-in sheets, but here are some commonly used types along with their purpose:

  • Student Sign-in Sheet: A student printable sign-up sheet is used by an instructor (or teacher) for recording the attendance of a class or presentation.
  • Patient Sign-in Sheet: A printable patient sign-in sheet records the basic information of patients of a hospital or healthcare institution.
  • Employee Sign-in Sheet: An employee sign-in sheet is used to count employees’ work hours and record their attendance. It is generally used by a manager or supervisor.
  • Parent Sign-in Sheet: This type of visitor sign-in sheet is used by teachers to mark the attendance of parents coming to a parent-teacher meeting. It is mainly used for students' wellbeing by keeping a check on parents' attendances.
  • Daycare Sign-in Sheet: A daycare sign-in sheet template is used by daycare workers to keep a record of children's arrival and departure times.

How Do I Create a Sign in Sheet?

Designing a sign-in sheet can get quite difficult if you are not aware of the proper procedure. The following steps will provide you a comprehensive understanding of how to create a proper sign-in sheet.

  • Step 1: Get the sign-in sheet template that is most suitable for you according to your requirements, e.g., meeting sign-in sheet. Look around different templates and then make the choice that seems best to you according to the type of formatting used or the design.
  • Step 2: Make the document title of your sign-in template that represents the sheet uniquely for that event. Make sure that the title distinguishes the sign-in sheet template in that event from other documents.
  • Step 3: Now you will want to modify the pre-formatted template to meet your demands. Make sure your document uses the right number of headings, and you have enough space to write data of visitors. You may also include any other information, such as the organization name of the attendee.
  • Step 4: Here, it requires that you approve the final printable sign-up sheet. Make sure it covers all the details that the event requires. Other than that, you will also have to make sure that all the items are correctly placed in the right category and the right layout section.
  • Step 5: After the visitor's sign-in sheet has been approved, now it is time to print it. Open the sign-in sheet and print it on the paper using the appropriate paper size.

What Should Be Included in a Sign in Sheet?

As there are many different types of sign-in sheets, therefore, the information to include in a sign-in template can vary. There are no rules for what kind of information can be or cannot be included in a sign-in sheet. Following are some crucial elements that may be included in a sign in the template:

  • Title of Sign-in Sheet: The title of visitor sign-in sheets accurately defines the type of sign-in sheet template.
  • Optional Guidance: Some instructions may be optionally provided to help fill the sign-in sheet. e.g., "Please fill the sign in sheet below before entering for presentation."
  • Name: The guest's full name is a major component of any sign-in sheet.
  • Time In: Time in states the arrival time of the guest in the event.
  • Time Out: Some events will require noting down the leaving time of guests as well. In this case, a 'Time out' component is useful.
  • Reason for Visit: Some sign-in sheets will include a reason for the visit section that the visitor is required to fill.
  • Signature: A signature of the visitor may be required as proof of identification.
  • Phone Number: The visitor’s phone number is included for contacting reasons.


A sign-in sheet template can be a great asset for an event to keep track of attendees and to keep an organized list of basic information about them. You can create your own customized visitor sign-in sheet, or you can use a pre-existing sign-in sheet template that already follows your basic requirements.

Sign in Sheet Template FAQs

When should you use a sign-in sheet?

If you have any event for which keeping a basic track of visitors may be helpful, you should consider using a sign-in sheet.

What are the best practices while writing a sign-in sheet?

Make sure that your visitor sign-in sheet is customized well, readable, and ensures the privacy of the visitor.

What are the advantages of using a digital sign-in sheet?

A digital sign-in sheet will let you have an electronic copy of information without having to scan the document. In addition to that, there is no illegible handwriting in the digital document, and it can be easily remotely accessed.

Why should you have a pre-filled sign-in sheet?

A pre-filled sign-in sheet will let your visitors feel more welcome as they will know they were expected. Secondly, it will reduce the time for check-ins.

How to increase sign-ins on your sheet?

One of the ways you could increase sign-ins on your sheet is by offering an incentive for signing in. You could also give out free stuff such as a free eBook to get more people interested.